Gruesome video shows bear being run over in Russia while worker shouts ‘Squash him! Squash him!’

Russian investigators are looking into a video of a group of men running down a brown bear in northern Russia. (YOUTUBE)

Russian workers deliberately chase an exhausted brown bear in their truck before running it over and battering it to death with crowbar

The bear was exhausted having failed to hibernate during the winter
While some slammed the cruelty, others say this made it an aggressive threat
The workers run it over before finishing it off with the crow bar

A sick video shows how Russian shift workers cruelly mowed down a brown bear with two trucks before battering it to death the a crowbar.
The animal was exhausted and unable to flee, after apparently failing to hibernate.
This can make the bears extremely aggressive, and in a heated social media debate in Russia, some argued that the predator could have been a threat to locals.

But others complained the shift workers had chosen an unduly cruel method to kill the bear, and some suspected the animal had been awoken in its den and taunted.
The minister of Nature Protection Yakutia, the largest region in Russia, Sakhamin Afanasiev, said: ‘I have ordered the hunting department to conduct a thorough investigation and take appropriate action.
‘We will announce the results of the check.’
The mobile phone footage shows one Ural truck chase the exhausted bear in a snow field.

The truck driver runs over the bear then pulls back again.
‘Even after such torture the bear was still alive – and humbly awaits its fate,’ reported The Siberian Times.
‘It tried to escape, but then a second Ural lorry ran over the ailing animal.
‘Trapped under two front wheels, the workers finish it off with a crowbar to the head.’
Critics slammed the killing of the bear.
‘Sadists, mentally ill people. It’s disgusting, just horrible. More than this, they boast about their actions. Bastards, just filthy,’ said one social media commenter.

Yucatan said: ‘I would love to do the same to these b*******. They should not kill this way.
‘They should not torture. The bear is a mystical creature, revengeful.’
But another local insisted the bear was moving ‘slowly, sluggishly’ indicating they had driven it from its den ‘just for fun’.
Another insisted the bear was not hibernating and had to be killed before it attacked people in a remote village.

Hungry and confused bear repeatedly run over with monster trucks before being beaten to death with crowbar
WARNING: UPSETTING CONTENT The proud animal appears tired before it’s run down in deep snow by the laughing group who then ride away in an off-road truck
A sick video showing evil thugs mowing down a brown bear before beating it to death with a crowbar has sparked outrage.
The proud animal appears tired and confused before it is run down in deep snow by the laughing group riding in a special off-road truck.
It is thought the beast was exhausted and unable to flee after failing to hibernate, while conflicting claims insist its tormentors was awoken in its den and taunted.
The disturbing mobile phone footage from eastern Russia shows the Ural truck – manufactured for the Red Army – chase the bear in a field deep with snow.

Bear deliberately chased by trucks and run over, then battered to death with crowbar
Bear cruelly crushed with two trucks then clubbed to death
A bear is cruelly crushed with two trucks and then clubbed to death with a crowba

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